convoyeur packs

Pack conveyors

A conveyor of proven resistance capable of supporting heavy product flow (boxes, packs, racks…)

  • Modular stainless steel system
  • Easily disassembled drive and return shafts
  • Polyamide bearings lubricated for life or featuring a grease nipple
  • Machined or moulded pinions in one or two parts
  • Equipped with chains, modular belts, motorised rollers, free rollers… according to the conveyed products

Standard: Asynchronous SEW SA47/57/67 drive hollow shaft ≤0,55kW IE1

  • Standard Efficiency, IE2
  • High Efficiency ≥0,75kW IE2
  • High Efficiency, IE3
  • Premium Efficiency

Option: Synchronous SEW Movigear MGFA drive; 200Nm or 400Nm hollow shaft, IE4

  • Super Premium Efficiency

Option: Synchronous Danfoss OGD drive; 1000Nm hollow shaft, IE4

  • Super Premium Efficiency
  • Straight, horizontal or inclined section conveyors for all types of modular chains and belts
  • 500mm to 1000mm radius curves and 15° to 90° angles – for smooth and LBP chains
  • Custom curves for modular belts
  • End-to-end transfers with free transfer rollers
  • End-to-end transfers with motorised transfer rollers
  • End-to-end transfers with ø40mm nose
  • End-to-end transfers with a motorised micro-chain (20mm dead zone)
  • Diverging and converging modules with manual or automatic guiding
  • Straight conveyors with ø16 rollers featuring 19,05mm pitches or ø30mm rollers featuring 38,1mm pitches
Accessories / Equipment
  • Solid side guides
  • Guiding profile designed according to the conveyed productproduit transporté
    • Fixed or adjustable
    • Manual or automatic adjustment
    • Manual or automatic adjustment guides, even in curves
  • Product detection system via reflex, ultrasonic or inductive cellsou inductive
    • Dividers
    • Distributors
  • Turners per speed differential
  • Fully stainless steel support stands (machine-welded)mécano soudé)
    • Tubes: ø 60mm
    • Adjustable stands ±50mm
  • Rack storage facilities

Pack conveyors are used for:

  • boxes,
  • packs,
  • racks,
  • punnets,
  • and many more…

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