bottle conveyor

Bottle conveyor

Unfailing conveyors for a broad range of containers
(PET, glass, boxes…)

  • Modular stainless steel system
  • Easily disassembled drive and return shafts
  • Polyamide bearings lubricated for life or featuring a grease nipple
  • Machined or moulded pinions in one or two parts
  • Fitted for lubrication
  • Fitted for automatic internal cleaning
  • Line return over rubber-coated rollers (noise reduction)
  • Magnetic or machined curves (TAB)

Standard: Asynchronous SEW SA47/57/67 drive; hollow shaft ≤0,55kW IE1

  • Standard Efficiency, IE2
  • High Efficiency ≥0,75kW IE2
  • High Efficiency, IE3
  • Premium Efficiency

Option: Synchronous SEW Movigear MGFA drive; 200Nm or 400Nm hollow shaft, IE4

  • Super Premium Efficiency

Option: Synchronous Danfoss OGD drive; 1000Nm hollow shaft, IE4

  • Super Premium Efficiency
Optimal material use
  • Modular chain and/or belt choice according to conveyed products
  • Slider bed material causing less friction between the guides and the chain
  • Curves machines in a material causing less friction between the guides and the chain

According to applications, in order to increase production by reducing stress (extended maintenance interval) and increasing the products’ sliding coefficient on the modular chains and/or belts.

  • Dry lubrication
  • Wet lubrication
  • Straight sections for all types of modular chains and belts
  • 500mm to 1000mm radius curves and 15° to 90° angles
  • Parallel transfers
  • Perpendicular transfers with a dead plate
  • Perpendicular transfers with a countersunk chain (no dead plate)
  • End-to-end transfers with dead plate
  • End-to-end transfers with ø19mm nose (20mm dead zone)
  • End-to-end transfers with a motorised micro-chain (20mm dead zone)
  • Diverging and converging modules
  • Pressure-free aligners (from 10,000bph to 70,000bph)
  • Bulking with or without returns table
  • FIFO traversing accumulation tables
  • FIFO dynamic accumulation tables (motorised arm)
Accessories / Equipment
  • Solid side guides
  • Guiding profile designed according to the conveyed productproduit transporté
    • Fixed or adjustable
    • Manual or automatic adjustment
    • Manual or automatic adjustment guides, even in curves
  • Product detection system via reflex, ultrasonic or inductive cells
  • Upper and/or side protection covers
  • Straining collection spouts
  • Fully stainless steel support stands (machine-welded)mécano soudé)
    • Tubes ø 60mm
    • Adjustable stands ±50mm

Bottle conveyors are used for:

  • PET bottles,
  • PEHD bottles,
  • glass jars,
  • aluminium and steel boxes
  • and many more…

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