Air conveyor

Air conveyor

High-performance conveyance which fits all your products’ specificities (shape, rate, weight, disinfection…)

  • Multi-format conveyor
  • Quick change under-neck guide
  • Automatic guide and speed management
  • Low consumption fans
  • Clean and aseptic air conveyor
  • High-rate multi-channel switching
  • High-performance interfaces with the machines
  • Height adjustment box
  • Line and process engineering, implementation procedure
  • Guaranteed high performance
  • Speed regulation for “difficult” bottles
  • Irreproachable turnkey service (assembly, cabling and commissioning)
  • Spare parts

Les convoyeurs à air sont utilisés pour:

  • les bouteilles PET,
  • les bouteilles PEHD,
  • et bien d’autres encore…

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