Palletiser – Depalletiser

Palletiser – Depalletiser

A dynamic, product-considerate range

  • Solid and made of painted steel
  • Double column with counterweight
  • Toothed belt movement
  • Equipped with servomotors
  • Royal B: Bundle Depalletiser (bottles, boxes, flasks, jars, cans…)
  • Royal D: Rack Depalletiser
  • Royal P: Rack Palletiser
  • Royal U: Universal Palletiser (packs, cartons, punnets…)
  • Industrial robots
Royal B
  • Full layer in-line Depalletiser
  • Layer gripper featuring 4-face centring for the full layer maintenance during the transfer on the table
  • Insert retaining clips
  • May be equipped with a frame remover, insert remover, frame storage, insert storage, pallet storage…
  • Low or high capacity outlet performance: 180 layers per hour on low outlet, 300 layers per hour on high outlet
Royal D & Royal P
  • Rack Depalletiser and Palletiser
  • Full tightening layer gripper
  • The racks are transferred on angled rollers, upon depalletiser output, in order to be referenced
  • The layers are prepared prior to entering the palletiser using dividers and turners
  • Capacity: 400 layers per hour on depalletisation, 360 layers per hour on palletisation
Royal U
  • Simple or double input Palletiser
  • Layer preparation with no product impact
  • Turning over or separation via speed differentials or clamps
  • Full layer centring
  • May be equipped with an insert placer, an insert storage system, a pallet storage system…
  • Low or high outlet performance
  • Rates: 200 layers per hour on low inlet, 450 layers per hour on high inlet
Industrial robots

Used for depalletisation / palletisation / unpacking / packing

Palletisers – Depalletisers are used for

  • palletisation
  • depalletisation

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