Pallet conveyor

Pallet conveyor

A design guaranteeing accurate transport of high-rate heavy loads

  • Painted or galvanised steel modular construction
  • Easily disassembled drive and return shafts
  • Polyamide bearings lubricated for life or featuring a grease nipple
  • Steel pinions
  • Equipped with chains or rollers

Standard: Asynchronous SEW SA47/57/67 drive hollow shaft ≤0,55kW IE1

  • Standard Efficiency, IE2
  • High Efficiency ≥0,75kW IE2
  • High Efficiency, IE3
  • Premium Efficiency

Option: Synchronous SEW MovigearMGFA drive; 200Nm or 400Nm hollow shaft, IE4

  • Super Premium Efficiency

Option: Synchronous Danfoss OGD drive; 1000Nm hollow shaft, IE4

  • Super Premium Efficiency
  • Straight section conveyors with galvanised steel ø89mm, 3mm-wide rollers featuring 182,5mm pitches (pitch = 127mm for 1/2 pallets)2 palettes)
    • Width 1000 to 1400mm
  • Straight section conveyors with 12,7mm steel chainsn acier
    • Double, triple or quadruple
  • Roller and chain angular gear conveyorst chaînes
    • Motorised or pneumatic elevator
  • 90°, 180° & 360° roller or chain turntable conveyorsà chaînes
    • Rotation drive via toothed belt
  • Roller, chain, angular gear or turntable conveyor rail shuttles
  • Empty pallet storage facilities (up to 20 pallets)
  • Insert storage facilities
  • Pallet screeds, pneumatic or motorised elevator
  • Automatic pallet check (presence of soles, friezes, blocks…)
  • Pallet brushing module
  • Elevator tables (motorised or pneumatic movement)
  • 1/2 pallet dividers / groupers
Accessories / Equipment
  • Solid, fixed or adjustable side guides
  • Plastic or steel chain guides according to application
  • Standard or heavy execution trolley stops
  • Standard or heavy execution pallet stops

Pallet conveyors are used for:

  • pallets

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