on the French market

Complementarity through a trusted partnership

Transpak is a technical solution supplier for full production lines.


August 2013: EZS and #Transpak signed a partnership further to which EZS is the sole distributor of #Transpak products in France.
Following their synergy, EZS and #Transpak are now able to offer of a broad range of machines, conveyance solutions and bespoke services.

By combining their forces, EZS and #Transpak
have strengthened their position on the market
and constantly aim for client satisfaction.


Ezs was consulted in order to carry out major line modifications on 4 production sites in France. The client wished to replace all its production line labellers in order comply with the new EAN 128 standards and improve its products’ traceability.

Constraint: the EAN 128 labels’ dimension had obliged the client to opt for a new labelling process; the production rate had to be adjusted to ensure sufficient space was allocated to the robots’ arms for proper label application.

Benefits of EZS and #Transpak’s partnership: After assessing the project, EZS carried out a comprehensive study in order to adapt a #transpak conveyance product to the client’s production line. Thanks to this product, demand was met through the establishment of a relationship of trust with EZS offering its expertise on the one hand, and its preferred partner #Transpak offering its experience on the other hand in order to produce a suitable mechanical conveyor.

# Transpak: Technical solution provider for packing or filling lines and dry areas

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